Giraldez INFINITY CR plus 0.2 [v2.0] 129504 HARDER & STEENBECK

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      Product information "Giraldez Infinity"

      Created with Angel Giraldez specifically for the art of painting miniatures to the highest standard possible, but with the greatest ease and control. The ergonomics are designed for highly accurate work on small pieces, the architecture for the simplest maintenance and the spray performance for ultimate control.

      It is suitable as the first or last airbrush you ever buy because ease of use and maintenance are at the core of any great tool.  If you are already a committed miniature painter, but a first time airbrush user, the GIRALDEZ INFINITY offers a perfect start, with no limits as you develop. The better the tool, the easier it is to use, for all abilities. The GIRALDEZ INFINITY will quickly feel familiar to an experienced brush painter due to the radically shortened front end, putting your hand as close as possible to the work for stability and accuracy.

      Supplied with a 0.2mm Fineline headset and a 2ml paint cup and an optional accessory pack which includes the micro paint cup and the 0.4mm Fineline headset, you are set for everything from base coating to final highlights. For ultimate durability with all types of paint, it is finished in our triple Chrome CRplus finish.

      Detailing confidence is quickly built using the innovative Sketching Caps on the front end to help understand distance from the workpiece. They also offer visual cues to increase accuracy, whilst protecting the needle tip. 

      The QuickFix trigger memory system gives confidence in fine control, without interrupting your workflow when you need to clean. And of course paint clogs are easily kept in check by a simple finger pinch over the needle tip, made safe and guided by the shape of the surrounding Sketching Cap.

      Enjoy Harder & Steenbeck’s German quality and performance, together with Angel’s insight and experience, embodied in an airbrush designed to enable high level techniques for everyone. Finished with Angel’s signature designs, it is beautiful, but like all our products,  it is designed first to work hard!

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      Giraldez INFINITY CR plus 0.2 [v2.0] 129504 HARDER & STEENBECK

      226,00 €